she felt


and she had

no choice but to rebel & pursue her passions

but, oh, sometimes she felt so overwhelmed!

What if there was a way to rebel and keep your butterflies?

is a digital marketing agency designed specifically for creative rebels!

We know how you feel when you consider the prospect of success with your business. It feels rebellious to even entertain it, the very notion of your creative idea being at the core of your success fills you with


You love your business with passion and heart,


the overwhelm

it makes your ideas feel unobtainable. Like this business isn't possible.

I can't believe it!!

I can’t quite believe how well the posts have gone, I’m over the moon, thank you so much!! Clearly, this is the boost I’ve needed as I’ve never had the response you have! Very frustrating on my part, but you live and learn, can you thank your team for all the work so far, I’m super pleased!

Lucy Seeley Owner of Equihandee

And so HLO Social was born!

We actually pronounce it


As in hello! Let's start a social conversation! Between us, between you and your customers! Or anyone that's listening!!

“You're a creative entrepreneur. You just got an amazing idea you want to share to the world. Oh no - you have to wait until 3.03pm (best posting time), come up with not 1, not 2 but 30 hashtags and you're not actually too sure if you pick them correctly. You need to be engaging before and after apparently and posting a story and apparently video is better, and.....


You just lost your idea, your motivation and actually any sort of will to even bother”

Book in with us!

So let's talk about how I can help you.

We start with a meeting with me, Hannah, and from there I design your strategy. Don't worry I won't just take over your social media! We work together to use your content and ideas and pull it into a cohesive plan to help you achieve your business goals!

We may explore growing your email list to support the strategy, or building in some PR and branding. We build a bespoke plan that suits you and your business. And it all starts with a chat over a cup of tea!

I draw you up a proposal, you do a happy dance then we get cracking!