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We HOLISTICALLY manage your social media platforms to cultivate

brand loyalty

& awareness

within new and existing followers

What we're about

we don't settle for likes

Forget soft metrics, we’re a young and passionate social media agency focused on getting real results. 

We believe that social media shouldn’t just look great, but should also be effective, useful and inspire audiences to take action. 

We work closely with you to understand what you want to accomplish and what is at the heart of your brand. We then create a strategy to achieve your goals using social media. Our mission then is to make it happen.

We strive to be the best in generating brand loyalty and awareness with your unique brand through social media.

how we help you

a holistic approach

Organic Social Media Management

Create brand loyalty and awareness with a consistent approach to posting on your social media timelines.

  • We work with you to ensure your feeds and stories look "on brand", cohesive and engaging. We can supply media, or we can work with your media.
  • We will design a content strategy for you. We then either write posts for you, or we work with you to produce captions that engage your audience.
  • We post at the optimal time to engage your audience and achieve maximum potential for every single post.
  • Hashtag research is key, this is where we get traction with our organic posts. We will provide sets of hashtags to get you maximum reach. These will continually be reviewed and optimised to ensure each post is creating awareness for your brand.
  • We monitor all accounts, answering DMs and comments on your behalf.
  • We create brand loyalty and engagement using various methods that are unique to your account.

Social Media Paid Adverts

We specialise in creating creative, clever content and delivering your adverts to a highly targeted audience to give you maximum impact and value.

Whilst organic reach is always a primary goal, there's no denying that paid adverts can be that boost that's needed for your brand.

Landing Pages

We like to look at the customer journey in your business. We know through captivating content we can get people clicking on the links on your social channels. The next point in that journey is often a web page or landing page.

You need a page that is going to persuade the viewer to take the action you require them to take.

We design unique landing pages that compliment your brand and marketing strategy.


Blogging is a great tool to drive traffic to your website and create interest on your social channels. It's all part of the flow moving your audience between your social platforms and your website. It can also be a much needed boost optimising your website for discovery on search engines.


take a look at our results

We have worked with product based businesses, service based businesses and artists and musicians. We love working with a diverse range of clients, and we find they all have one thing in common. Attitude. We love to work with the kind of people who like to bring something different to their social channels, who like to push boundaries, who have a unique perspective on the world.

Why we do it


Too often, we see brands with social channels just for the sake of it. We believe that if you're going to post, it may as well make a difference to your brand. We want to tell your story, share your successes, engage and excite your audience!

You want to see real results that make a difference to you.

And that's where our passion lies.

We love working with unique brands to help them coordinate a holistic social media strategy that makes a true impact.

We consider ourselves part of your team, we are as passionate about your results as you are.

Your success is our success.

What our customers say

I can't quite believe how well the posts have gone, I'm over the moon, thank you so much! Clearly this is the boost I've needed as I've never had the response you've had! Can you thank all your team for all the hard work so far, I'm super pleased!!

Lucy Seeley


I've grown by 500 genuine followers in one month, received enquiries and a booking! Hannah of HLO is great to work with - having lots of brilliant ideas which have translated into some really creative propositions for the business helping me to grow my email list and be more organised and focused in other areas. I consider her a part of my team now and I am so glad I took the plunge and booked her.


Stories with Clothes

My Instagram increased from 220 to 2700 in 4 months with totally organic growth and my profits increased by 3.7 times!

Would highly recommend!


Bramble and Wren

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email us at hello@hlosocial.com