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What was the aim

increase product sales on instagram

Blossom and Oak sell hand made baby and toddler clothes in the UK. They wanted to use their Instagram to increase product sales.

To get more sales we wanted to produce a great looking branded feed that sold a lifestyle. We also wanted to generate loyalty to the brand and really communicate the brands unique aspects.

We wanted to do this as much as possible using organic/free methods.

How did we do it

community involvement

We encouraged customers to share their own pictures of the products and tag Blossom and Oak in these. This produced a lot of natural content and also gave much needed social proof. We found that customers loved having their pictures shared and this created brand loyalty.

We ensured the brand communicated a high level of quality to encourage a particular demographic to shop.

We helped organise several successful "market nights" where events were held directly on Instagram.

take a look at our results

the creation of a recognisable brand identity

Over 12 months we grew Blossom and Oak's profile to nearly 10,000 followers. This generated enough sales for the brand to solely use Instagram as it's selling platform.

We created a certain image using the feed and encouraged customers to share and tag their own media. This had a snowball affect as people love being mentioned and featured on accounts, and also gave the brand social proof.

We worked with the brand on creating a website as we felt more orders would be achieved if customers could purchase directly and simply (without having to message).

This worked perfectly and gave a cost effective way for the brand to handle more sales.

With the increased number of followers and engagement, regular sales naturally increased, and this was further boosted by periodic special events.


Increase of audience to nearly 10,000

instagram now the only sales platform required

three regular brand reps that post about the product

business taken from part time to full time

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