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What was the aim

Grow the profile and establish Nick as an expert on addiction

Nick has successfully remained in recovery from addiction for over ten years. His account focuses on his journey and he uses humour to address some tough issues, as well as touching on mental health issues. He now manages rehabs, and also wanted to mention these in a subtle way - the account isn't primarily about lead generation. He wanted to use the account to establish himself as an expert in addiction and create opportunities such as guest speaking and interviews.

Our aim on the account was to use the content to educate and support, and to grow the profile as much as possible to give Nick the much needed social credentials.

How did we do it

covering difficult topics and outreach

We decided to tackle some what controversial topics head on with honesty and often using humour. As with mental health, the problem is often that people don't discuss the issues and keep it secret. We decided to face these issues head on and it really resonated with the audience.

We used solid organic methods such as posting at the ideal time for the account and hashtags to get growth and engagement.

We contacted complimentary accounts to establish relationships and generated growth via mentions and also opportunities such as interviews and collaborations.

take a look at our results

Social proof and establishing nick as an authority

We grew the account from 200 followers to just over 3,600 in 4 months just using organic methods. In the picture shown here you can see that using the right hashtags resulted in over 5,000 impressions on posts. This translates into new followers. On this one organic post alone we got 38 profile visits - 38 people going checking out more and taking action on just one single post.

As well as achieving growth, we successfully positioned Nick as an expert and as a result he was invited to speak on various podcasts and interviews.

Increase of likes from approx 20 to 120+ on posts

reach now over 5000 new people every post

invited to be a guest speaker

Also achieved leads for rehab business

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