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What was the aim

Product discovery

Equihandee are a young company who have invented a unique product to support children to ride horses. The product is a harness that comes in various designs. It's typically used by new riders and young riders with disabilities.

Equihandee were doing particularly well on Facebook, however they wanted support with increasing product knowledge and brand awareness on Instagram.

Our aim with Equihandee was to create a recognisable brand through the images used on their Instagram feed and stories. We then used the content to create product awareness, as well as generate brand loyalty and awareness.

How did we do it

the creation of a recognisable brand identity

We felt Equihandee had a huge amount of potential to create a specific and clear brand identity.

We set to work supporting the business by advising on the kind of product shots we felt would work and produced an on brand recognisable feed on Instagram.

We added in a strong content strategy with supporting hashtags to ensure Equihandee are getting maximum potential on every post.

We have built some great relationships with supporting accounts who cheerleader Equihandee at every opportunity.

take a look at our results

the creation of a recognisable brand identity

As you can see from this video,where we compare a post prior to us working with Equihandee, it was typical for posts to receive 3 likes, and little to no reach. 

We knew we needed to get more eyes on this account. 

Using organic methods you can see on one of our latest posts we have achieved 157 likes, but likes aren't what we're really interested in. This organic post generated 8 views of Equihandee's profile, and 5 of these people then followed the feed. This is more than just one post, it's a cohesive overall content strategy that builds trust and gets people wanting more - and therefore following.

We also got the post seen 1,132 times simply using hashtags. This translate in the days following the post with increased interest around the account and people returning again to follow.

We are creating a high level of awareness around the brand using organic content. Not only that the business has now received several awards and even received an invite to Dragon's Den.

Increase of likes from 3 to 157 on posts

reach now over 1000 new people every post

two regular brand reps that post about the product

2 awards won and an invitation to dragon's den

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