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What was the aim

lead generation for a coaching business

Margaret is a life coach and can take clients in person (based in Scotland) or work with them online.

Managing her own social media was time consuming and she wasn't getting the end result she wanted - more leads.

Our aim was to make Margaret stand out from her competitors, and intrigue her audience into wanting to learn more and book onto her consultation call.

We used organic/free methods to do this - so no paid ads.

How did we do it

identifying what made this brand different + a strategy that packed a punch

As there are many life coaches out there we needed to use the social media accounts to communicate what was different about Margaret and why people should book with her over the competition. We ensured Margaret's personality was reflected in the content to do this. We also used copy that really resonated with her typical customer and the problems they face.

We specifically used stories as a method to connect with the audience and to achieve leads and bookings for Margaret's consultation calls.

take a look at our results

stories - the lead generation machine

We found that once we got Margaret's audience familiar with her brand, engagement really increased and we took full advantage of this using stories. We found that people we happier to reach out via stories and so built a lead generation campaign around this.

Using various different types of stories we were able to book people onto Margaret's free consultation call.

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