Stories With CLothes

account presence

What was the aim

build the brand's profile

Stories With Clothes is personal styling business aimed at women who want to tell a story with their clothing, or create memories and messages by their style choices. Abbey, who runs the business has a fantastic vibrant warm personality. Our aim was to strengthen Abbey's brand on her social media and communicate her brand message clearly.

In speaking to her ideal audience we felt that we could gain Abbey more opportunities and clients.

How did we do it

the creation of a recognisable brand identity

We worked together to produce a feed that visually represented Abbey's brand. The feed heavily features Abbey as she is the face of her brand, and we use colour to help represent Abbey's vibrancy.

This was further strengthened by a content strategy that truly spoke to her ideal audience. We researched the ideal audience and designed a strategy that they could empathise with, one they find useful and can learn from, and importantly a strategy that really communicates who Abbey is. This ensures the right followers are following and engaging. This is what gets a truly loyal audience who are committed to your brand.

We continually optimise the hashtags used on the account to ensure every single post gets maximum reach and ensure posting is consistent and regular to stay ahead of the Instagram algorithm.

take a look at our results

A brand identity that speaks deeply to ideal clients

As you can see from this video, this post, a typical post from Abbey's feed, has performed brilliantly for an organic post. We received significant likes (215 which was representative of around 10% of the audience at this point - much higher than the industry standard of 2.6%), it received a crazy 80 comments, 5 saves, 31 profile visits and 7 follows. This was from one organic post, although you have to bear in mind this is just one part of the jigsaw and it's down to all parts of the account performing well cohesively to get these results.

Because the post got so much traction it got featured on the search screen on Instagram which boosted impressions by 386. This is how we get posts to go viral. 

We are creating a high level of awareness around the brand using organic content. We then use a content strategy to turn the audience into a loyal following who return to the brand for all their style needs.

Abbey has also been invited to many events. Her credibility has been increased due to the strength of her Instagram.

Increase of likes of more than 5x on all posts

reach now over 1000 new people every post

now regularly contacted and invited to events

increase in client bookings with no paid advertising

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