the baboon room

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What is the aim

more click-throughs to listen to the music

The Baboon Room are an emerging Manchester based band. They want to use their social channels to drive more traffic through to their music and increase their fan base.

We are using both organic/free and paid adverts to achieve this. We want to strengthen the branding to really reflect who the band are and generate loyal fans who actively follow them and engage with them.

How we are doing it

the creation of a recognisable brand identity

We are currently working with The Baboon Room to get the content strategy clearly showing the band's personality - i.e. their brand. We are using organic/free methods to begin with to establish the social channels and start to gain loyal followers who engage.

Once this is done we will begin using paid ads to extend their reach.

Check back soon to see their results

a work in progress

we are currently very excited to be working with the band and you can check back to see their results soon!

Get in touch

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